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American GPR Services LLC GPR vs Other Methods

American GPR Services LLC uses safe, non-destructive, high resolution 2D and 3D ground penetrating radar to scan concrete structures locating and identifying objects in, or immediately below, or behind a concrete structure. These may be objects that should not be cut or drilled through like some of the these listed below:

Post-Tensioned Cables

These are cables inside concrete that are stretched to 10,000 lbs or much more of tension in order to lift or support a concrete structure especially on expansive soils or in high-rises. These are structural components that should be avoided at all costs and can be very expensive and invasive to repair.

Rebar or Steel Mesh Reinforcement

Used to help support concrete and keep it contained or prevent breaking apart or separating from itself. It is also used to stabilize joints to prevent uneven surfaces due to settling or heaving. A special mesh may be in place for EMP protection at large data farms (cloud facilities) or specialized servers. With 3D scanning the approximate depths of reinforcement can be determined. Rebar is often cut, but excessive rebar can increase cutting time and costs.

Pipes, Conduits, Floor Boxes or Walkerduct

Used to transfer or deliver water, fluids, air, heat, refrigerant, waste, vacuum, medical or industrial gasses, electricity or data. With 3D scanning GPR can locate these and tell whether they are in, against or below/behind the structure. Interruption, containment and repair of any utility can be very expensive and cost a lot of time.

Features of Precast Components

Many structures’ framing components were formed off-site (precast) and delivered to the site and assembled by crane. They are often covered by more reinforcement and concrete. Cavities, beams, lifting eyes, weld plates, cables, webs, edges and layers could all be a major influence of the placement of a hole or cut. The cutting of some of these components can severely weaken a structure causing serious damage

Voids, Spaces, Vaults, Ducting or Utilidors

These are often concealed or below/behind structures and can unexpectedly erupt into an open hole creating a major safety concern and change or cancel a penetration until it is properly addressed.

Gradebeams, Turndowns, Thickened Edges

GPR cannot always measure thickness accurately, but it can tell when the thicknesses change.